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Things to keep in mind

This is a candid voyeur site.

2 types of photos can be considered for publication:

Candid / Creepshot – photo where the depicted person or persons do not look like they realize that they are being photographed.

Selfie – photo that is obviously taken by the same person that is depicted on it.

We cannot publish any images that have:

  • people younger than 18 y.o. on them;
  • porn, nudity, exposed genitals or breast;
  • people who are obviously posing for the photographer;
  • any types of border, frame, watermark, copyright mark;
  • low quality, low resolution photos, blurred images;
  • photos taken from a long distance that may not be interesting enough to our users.

Last but not least

We love the people who share their content. Thank you for being so generous and participating!

We love the people who are depicted on photos and videos that we get. Thank you for being so beautiful, kind and open-minded!

We pray that each and every one of you has a successful and joyful life.